Lesser Enlightenment of Water & Fire

Advanced Online Classes


> Start: March 26, 2021
> When: every two weeks on Friday morning, 9.15 – 11.15
> For: this class is on invitation only


KAN & LI is the next level after basics and fusion

At the BASIC level of Inner Alchemy, we learn how to step out of the confusion of the world of “10.000 things”, and how to harmonize the 5 elements in ourselves. We remember that we are part of nature, and that, to feel balanced and harmonious, we only have to align ourselves with the greater natural forces that surround us. It helps you to let go of tensions, to balance your emotions, and to feel more balanced, healthy, happy and alive.

The FUSION practice brings you straight to your essence. That pure part of you, that has always existed, and still exists, in the middle of the hassle of daily life. By centering and fusing the energy of the 5 elements, you create a ‘pearl’, which represents the very essence of who you are. In cultivating and nurturing this pearl, your actions, thougths, emotions and intuitions will become clearer. And you will start healing yourself, while you start unravelling patterns of disbalance.

Are you ready for the next level of Inner Alchemy? KAN & LI!

In KAN & LI, we shift from the level of the 5 elements and the 10.000 things (the world that surrounds us), to the level that underlies our reality as we experience it, and that is governed by 2 polarites: Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang have many appearances, like for instance Male and Female, Fire and Water, Sun and Moon, Heaven and Earth. In the different stages of the KAN & LI training, we explore all those manifestations, starting with Water & Fire (in Chinese: KAN & LI).

For inner alchemists, the interesing thing is what happens in between these two polarities. The neutral energy we find there, we call Yuan, or Yuan-chi. In the KAN & LI practices, we couple the polarities, and savour the Yuan-chi that appears from the coupling. This Yuan-chi is also called ‘the elixir‘.

The most interesting part of this higer Inner Alchemy practice, is that we do not limit the experience of the elixer to the time of our meditations, but we integrate this pure and high frequency energy in our bodies and in our existence. Thus healing deep patterns of Yin-Yang imbalance in our lives.

Doing this, we do not only taste the elixir, but we become it. Step by step, we give birth to our ‘immortal self‘.


> every two weeks
> Friday morning
> 9.15 – 11.15


> March 26 – July 9, 2021


> Lesser Kan & Li, continuing group
> Two-hour classes with Zoom
> Digital classroom for sharing experiences, teaching material and suggestions for practice.


> March – July 2021: € 160

What if I miss a class?

The classes will be recorded on audio-tape.

Contact and subscription:

> This class is for advanced Healing Tao students, and on invitation only
> If you have sufficient experience in the basics and fusion practices, and you would like to join, please let me know
> An intake interview will be part of the admission procedure
> +31-6-24987544 (Eva) / info@taolessen.nl  

Who is teaching? 


Eva van der Plas (1973) is a dedicated Healing Tao & Inner Alchemy teacher since 2009.

She has studied Inner Alchemy for over 15 years. Her main Inner Alchemy teachers are Michael Winn, Ka Wah Choy, and Birgit Haberkamp.

Eva is:
> senior teacher in the method of Le Tao de la Femme Lune®, created by Fabienne Flamand
> creator of the Psoas & Pelvic Floor Training.
> dedicated to the path of higher Inner Alchemy as taught by Michael Winn.

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