Moon Sisters Online

TAO de la Femme Lune® online weekly classes


> Start: May 6, 2020
> When: every Wednesday morning, 9.30 – 11.00
> For: ALL women

Welcome, beautiful Moon Sister!

The method of Le TAO de la Femme Lune® (“TAO for Moon Women”) is designed by Fabienne Flamand, to help women to find their deep inner joy and wisdom, to strengthen their bodies, and to make them feel healthy, vibrant and alive.

Moon Women playing in the cloud

In this group, we will create precious space and time together, while we gather once a week to play in the cloud.

“Playing in the clouds” is a daoist way of saying that we can transcend space and time. Normally it is reserved for Gods and other immortal creatures. But in these times it is becoming more and more clear that we as mortals can learn how to do it too. Playing in the cloud together is a nice way to start.

Relax and recharge

In these classes, we feed our  bodies with precious and healthy chi from the most beautiful places in nature, and from the depths of our own pelvis. We dance, we meditate, and we relax so deeply in the arms of mother earth, that we will feel recharged and reborn at the end of every class.

Come play with us! 

Will you come and play with us? You are most warmly invited to join this Moon Sisters Circle, every Wednesday morning, on Zoom.  What you need is a space where you can be alone, an internet connection, a yoga mat and a chair.  If you cannot attend at the given time, an audio-recording will be available for you to practice in your own time.


> every Wednesday morning
> 9.30 – 11.00
> May 6 – August 19, 2020


> € 60 for 4 weeks
> € 210 for the whole series (16 weeks)


live classes with Zoom
> Digital classroom for sharing experiences, teaching material and suggestions for practice

What if I miss a class?

> The classes will be recorded. If you miss a class, you get the audiotapes, and you can catch up in your own time.

Contact and subscription:

> +31-6-24987544 (Eva) /  
> Please send me an e-mail if you want to subscribe, and I’ll send you the details about how to join this group. Hope to see you in the cloud!

Who is teaching? 


Eva van der Plas (1973) is a dedicated Healing Tao & Inner Alchemy teacher since 2009. She has specialized in working with women, guiding them to the very depths of their being, helping them to find their inner joy, strength and wisdom.

Eva is:
> senior teacher in the method of Le Tao de la Femme Lune®, created by Fabienne Flamand
> creator of the Psoas & Pelvic Floor Training
> dedicated to the path of higher Inner Alchemy (currently teaching Lesser Kan & Li) as taught by Michael Winn

> More info (in Dutch)